Lets talk camera!

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Cameras and lenses

This is a site I love! I have recently beentrying to buy a digital SLR camera. I have just discovered that they are a whole new animal from my father’s Yashica SLR on which I cut my photographer’s teeth. 

Today’s digital cameras are a whole world of technological innovation, in which a feature becomes duplicated by other manufacturers as soon as it is first produced on the market. Also, manufactuers use a wide array of tailored language and terms that make it difficult for the lay person to compare apples to apples. This site makes it easy to sieve through this maze of language and terminilogy, and cuts fearures down to their basics, so we know what exactly the basis of comparisan is. For example, if you open Nikon’s D7000 and Sony’s A580 in two seperate pages by each manufacturer, your head will be spinning by the time you get through the cluttered language and descriptions! My head certainly did.  Snapsort gives you point-by-point descriptions of each camera’s stengths in comparison to the other that u choose, on the same bases, and provides a clear strength/weakness snapshot of these cameras. It also gives recommendations at the end of the analysis. It does not take into account price, a fact that  like. Because price is such an obvious comparison, I prefer to leave it out. In today’s world of internet pricing, it is well impossible to correctly compate prices, anyway!

So, visit http://snapsort.com/ before you buy your next digital camera, and keep abreast of all the best cameras of the market!


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